Automatic Crowner Capping Machine Standard Features:

Automatic crowner with six head positions simultaneously presses standard 26mm crowns onto glass bottles by a pneumatic pressure plate. The crowns are sorted and fed into position by a magnetic automatic barrel crown cap feeder. Glass bottles are automatically indexed by rows of 6 parallel to the conveyor line and then seamlessly transferred to an indexing discharge conveyor after the crowns are pressed on. Systems operates at a nominal speed of 30 CPM.

    • Tubular 304 stainless steel welded frame
    • Aluminum and 304 S/S construction
    • Clean, non-painted, non-marring UHMW parts
    • Clear acrylic guard with 304ss lower frame
    • Adjustment discharge height 38″ +/-2
    • Backlog photo optic with automatic stop/restart


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