This fully automatic filler is best suited for liquids with low to medium viscosity. Liquids with solid particulates not exceeding 1/16 IN can also be filled. Overflow fillers are the machine of choice in handling very foamy products at higher speeds: the closed system permits re-circulation of foam into the product supply tank. Suitable for sauces, syrups, light gels and shampoos, foamy cleansers and chemicals, water and other non-carbonated water thin beverages. This filler speed rated nominal 20 to 30 CPM depending on viscosity and container characteristics


Model FOFBT-A Automatic Overflow Filler

Standard Features:

    • Adjustable height for a wide range of containers up to gallons
    • Very compact footprint for small operations
    • Constructed of stainless steel and high impact plastics for complete washdown capability
    • Touchscreen control panel with powerful PLC stores up to 50 filling cycle setup parameters for instant recall
    • Batch bottle counter records number of filling cycles completed
    • No tools required for nozzle mounts and bottle size changeover
    • Automatic pneumatic system module for container movement control
    • No bottle/no fill photoeye for suspend operation

Note: Gating system and photoeye are designed to mount on IFS indexing conveyor which sold separately. This system is designed for pneumatic pump control only. Pump size will affect cost and are also sold separately.


Exclusive Features


Multistage Filling

As part of each product’s filling profile, the filler’s powerful PLC can be programmed to run the pump’s filling cycle in 3 sequential stages: slower initial stage to reduce foam creation, faster second stage for a speedier fill, and dwell final stage (pump off) to allow container depressurization and circulation of foam back to the product or surge tank.


Pump Selections

FOF pump-diaphragm


Air Diaphragm
Chemical applications with a wide range of viscosities.



Nozzle Selections

Overflow filling nozzles are available in a wide selection of design, sizes and construction materials based on the specific application. Your applications engineer will specify the best nozzle for your range of products.

FOF pump-centrifugal

316L SS
Chemical Duty

FOF pump-diaphragm

316L SS
Sanitary Triclamp

FOF pump-lobe

Corrosive Duty

FOF pump-impellor

Solvent Duty

FOF pump-centrifugal

Bleach Duty

FOF pump-diaphragm

Vacuum Breaker
For Glass Bottles

FOF pump-lobe

Briner Nozzle
For Glass Jars

FOF pump-impellor

Pour Top Nozzle
For Detergent Bottles





FOF pump-diaphragm


Drum Filling Attachment
The portability of this unit makes it easy to direct fill from standard drums with heights up to 36″.



Utilities and Space Requirements

Air: With P1 air diaphragm pump: 17cfm @ 80psi (for viscous materials use P2 pump)
With P2 air diaphragm pump: 30cfm @ 80psi

Electric: 110 VAC/ 6 Amps

Dimensions: 2′ L x 2′ W x 7’6IN H.



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