Standard Features:

Automatic print and apply unit puts product and UPC code information on labels.

    • PLC controller, Removable tamp head assembly for easy access to print engine.
    • Ribbon and label low/out indicators on front panel.
    • Photoelectric product sensor.
    • Proximity sensor in head “smart head”.
    • 12″ roll capacity, 3″ core.
    • Product ON delay. Heavy duty T-base stand.
    • Zebra Print Engine: Resolution: 203 dpi at 12 ips or 300 dpi at 8 ips.
    • Width: 6.6″ (168mm)
    • speed: 12″ or 8″ (305/203mm) per second
    • construction: All metal. ZebraLink-enabled

Available Options:

    • Label on head detection. Light tree system fault indicators (for label and ribbon error).
    • Audible alarm fault indicator. External signal output kit.
    • Left hand version. Tamp/blow applicator


Exclusive Features:




Filling Line Integration

Inline Filling Systems integrates labeler control with all IFS upstream operations; if the labeler detects a backup or out-of-labels condition, the entire line will be suspended to avoid pileups and spills often associated with “dumb” labelers.


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