About Bottle Handling Systems:

Bottle handling equipment are custom made, non moving and moving parts that are specifically designed keep bottles upright and stable in a moving packaging line. One size does not fit all in bottling lines. Many bottles are tall, irregularly shaped, poorly balanced and generally unstable on a moving conveyor line. The faster the conveyor line runs, even “good” bottles become more unstable. Instability and imprecise movement of containers means packaging downtime and lost profits.

Inline Filling Systems has mastered the “art” and science of precise container and bottle handling with many specialized designs of gating systems, gripper assemblies, timing screws, transporters, starwheels, etc. This often overlooked expertise is what you get when you buy a packaging system from Inline Filling Systems, Inc.




Timing Screws

Maintain proper spacing between containers that like to jam together on a moving conveyor. Timing screws are often use for oval bottles in filling machines.





Keep the bottling line “choke fed” with no spaces between containers so that they remain upright even in high speed conveyor lines.




Motorized Belt Grippers

Often used to keep the container stable when transferred over “dead” spaces from one conveyor to another. The belt speeds are matched with the conveyor speeds so that the bottle’s momentum is never disturbed.




Neck Grabbers

Grab the necks of tall bottles with narrow openings or large bottles with significant manufacturing variances. The necks are forced to line up equally spaced apart so that nozzles can find their way into the opening.




Gating Systems

Pneumatically controlled gates are adjustable on three axis with adjustable height stabilizing fingers. This ensures bottles are in the right place, standing up straight, and keeping the bottle steady during the filling process.


bottle spin orienter


Bottle Spin Orienters

Bottle handling device used to spin containers into the proper orientation for further operations on a packaging line. Typically used to orient containers for proper label placement.


bottom coder


Bottom Code Transport Device

Unit uses parallel gripper belts to transport containers over a gap in conveyor systems for bottom coding applications.




Bottle Spacers

Conveyor mounted unit consists of a motorized horizontal disk running parallel to a continuously running conveyor. Unit momentarily halts forward movement of the container to create required spacing between containers upstream of labelers, cappers and neck banders.



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