Bulk Bottle Unscrambler Standard Features:

Inline Filling Systems integrates bulk bottle unscrambler to efficiently sort and place random bottles from a bulk hopper onto a moving conveyor. Unscrambler standalone system installs over any existing conveyor line.

    • Disc Pre-Sorter – 36″ diameter.
    • Level sensor to control container infeed rate from any external device.
    • Auto-reversing Disc Sorter to automatically correct situations inside the disc sorter.
    • Orienting Belt Assembly adjustable for maximum bottle height 7″
    • No Tool change over.
    • PLC/Touch screen & Display
    • Controls are category 4 safety rated.
    • Variable speed DC drives.
    • Photoelectric conveyor backlog control.
    • Unscrambler installs over your existing conveyor and discharges the containers at 34 to 38”H

Utilities and Space Requirements

120 VAC, 15 amp electric required with separate ground.
Clean compressed air required at 80 psi. (5.5 Bar)



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