Capping Machine Selection Guide

Capping machines are used for the application of plastic and metal threaded caps as well as plastic snap caps, some fitments and some types of corks and plugs. Capping is usually the most difficult aspect of a liquid packaging line for several reasons. Sometimes the range of geometries and sizes of caps and bottles is so wide that the capping machine components become expensive or the platform of that particular type of capping machine is not suitable for all sizes and geometries in the range. Sometimes the bottle and cap combination are not ideal with the threads of the bottle being in conflict with the threads of the cap and great force is needed to apply the cap. Sometimes caps can only be placed vertically on the container which increases the capital cost of the machinery. Inline Filling Systems understands these issues very well and has a capping machine to address every one of these capping challenges. We specialize in capping machines and cap feeding systems for both startup companies as well as higher speed production environments.

automatic capping machine selection

Capping Machines – Automatic

There are many types of automatic capping machines, each with its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the application. The Automatic Inline Capping Machine places and tightens at speeds up to 200 cpm with limited change parts. An Automatic Chuck Capping Machine is slower and more costly with multiple change parts, but extremely reliable and repeatable. An Automatic Cap Placer provides for an economic solution to large caps with diameters greater than 80mm that must be vertically placed to prevent cross threading on the container. The Automatic Snap Capping Machine is specialized to the application of NEPCO or similar type of snap caps with no threads. An Automatic Cap Tightener made by us does not place the caps on the container; rather it is used only for tightening or retightening after cap placement or pumps and spray heads placed by hand.


capping machine feeders sorters

Capping Machines – Feeders & Sorters

Inline manufactures a wide variety of sorters and cap feeders for handling the entire range of commercial closures made in the world. While cap feeder design can be somewhat straightforward, the correct design and choice of an efficient cap sorter can be critical with some cap geometries. It takes years of experience with this mechanical engineering specialty to produce or even select the correct sorting device. Inline manufactures bulk cap elevator feeders, air tunnel feeders, vibratory sorters, centrifugal sorters and elevator sorters to meet this challenge


cap tighteners automatic

Cap Tighteners – Automatic

Automatic cap tighteners require only that the operator places the cap onto the container; the machine automatically handles the container and torques threaded caps to tighness at rates dependent on the type of tightener. “Inline” continuous motion tighteners can reach capping rates limited only practically by the operators ability to place and start the caps on the containers. Intermittent motion chuck style automatic tighteners typically operate at slower rates up to 30 CPM max. The intermittent motion tighteners are available in pnuematic or electric torque versions that provide a choice between cost, precision and upper limits of torque. The automatic chuck style automatic tighteners provide more precise and repeatable torque but at lower throughput.


semi automatic capping machines

Capping Machines – Semiauto

Semiautomatic capping systems include cap tighteners, chuck cappers, vertical plugger-placers and snap cappers. Inline Filling Systems has a device to manage almost any conceivable closure including threaded caps, fitments, plugs, corks and a host of exotic closures. These machines are offered in air or electric configurations and can be built on any customer specified platform including frame mount, table top or hand held systems.


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