Standard Features:


Bottle Rinser is designed to rinse clean empty bottles prior to filling. This can use either clean air, ionized air, clean water, or a water-based cleaning solution. The unit will remove loose particulate or dust from a bottle and in some cases provide a chemical sanitation of the inside of the bottle.

    • Fixed rpm gearmotors on rinser gripper chains and infeed conveyor.
    • Adjustable spray header.
    • Stainless steel construction, #4 finish.
    • Gripper adjustments achieved by means of a single handwheel (no tools required) with numerical counter to indicate width between grippers.
    • Soft ribbed rubber grippers to gently grip each container, eliminating potential label damage to pre-labeled containers.
    • Positive emergency discharge jam switch to stop equipment.
    • Downstream back-up control sensor.
    • C.S.A. approved stainless steel electrical enclosure with controls, starter, frequency inverter for soft start/stop functions and variable speed control & Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 c/w hand held programmer.
    • Link-Belt Klean-Gard polyamide bearings.
    • Stainless steel adjustment chain.
    • Centralized and conveniently located grease manifolds.
    • 14″ stainless steel tabletop infeed conveyor drive section.
    • 14″ stainless steel tabletop discharge conveyor idler section.
    • Rinse media low pressure sensor which will automatically stop rinser.
    • Automatic “Air/Water Saver” rinser spray shut-off (no container/no spray).

Available Options:

Air Units Only:

  • Vacuum manifold for collecting airborne particles
  • Shockless ionizer nozzles with power supply
  • Customer to supply 40 psi clean, dry, oil free air)
  • Constant duty vacuum system with a unique reverse pulse
  • cleaning system which is both effective and gives prolonged filter life.
  • Collection sack has a 30 liter capacity and a vacuum sound level of Air filtration kit consisting

Standard Options:

  • Automatic two speed functions (high/low)
  • Pulse link which requires 0-10 V DC signal from the filler
  • Combination air/water manifold

Utilities and Space Requirements:

Utilities:Electric:230/460 VAC /3 phase



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