Cap Induction Sealers (Automatic)


Standard Features:

This air-cooled induction sealing system heats foil/laminate liners of bottle caps for tamper evident sealing of plastic bottles. Air-cooling system eliminates the need for a water recirculator, saving floor space & expense.

    • Power supply with advanced IGBT circuitry
    • High efficiency sealing head
    • Adjustable sealing head support/mount
    • Membrane control panel with digital meter & NEMA 4 rating for washdown
    • Mobile stainless steel cart with casters & leveling pads.
    • Additional options:
      • Motion/foil detector group
      • LSI flashing light indicator


Cap Induction Sealers (Semi Automatic)


Standard Features:

Portable handheld induction sealer provides consistent sealing of induction lined caps. Unit is designed to work with a wide range of containers sealing everything from the smallest containers to 110mm closures.

    • Power supply with advanced IGBT circuitry
    • One high efficiency sealing coil with “power on” and “foil present” indicator
    • Cap size range up to 89mm or 110mm
    • Membrane control panel with two digit digital timer from 0 – 9.9 seconds
    • Dual power push-button provides 2 levels of current
    • No water required for cooling
    • Built in compartment holds input power cord, coil and coil power cord

Utilities and Space Requirements

Utilities: 230 VAC / 7.5 amps.

Dimensions:14 3/4″ L x 15 1/8 W x 9 1/2″ H


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