Standard Features:

The Videojet Focus S10 series laser coder delivers affordable, steered-beam laser coding to a wide variety of applications. This laser printer offers clean, permanent, superior quality codes on a variety of materials. The laser coding system is compact and rugged for reliability in a wide variety of production environments.

    • High-speed, permanent laser coding
    • Small footprint, easy on-line integration
    • Clean, high-resolution coding
    • Reliable, easy-to-use
    • Focus Laser 10 Watt
    • Stainless Steel Cabinet
    • Handheld operator interface
    • 5.0 inch lens, Printhead Stand
    • Product Detector, Shaft Encoder, AC Power Conditioner
    • Air Prep Kit , PC Interface Kit, Beam Shield Kit
    • Fume Extractor

Utilities and Space Requirements

Utilities: 110/230 VAC / 50/60 Hz



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