Standard Features:


liquid nitrogen dosing system

Liquid nitrogen delivery and injection system used for replacing headspace air in containers with inert nitrogen. Also used to pressurize thin walled containers e.g. PET beverage bottles to increase their rigidity. The UltraDoser-FD will pressurize or inert (headspace) containers at steady line speeds up to 400 containers per minute. The liquid nitrogen source is typically a dedicated low pressure Dewar or a low pressure LN2 piping system. The system consists of a stainless steel, vacuum insulated LN2 reservoir and a vacuum insulated rigid dosing arm/dosing head.

    • LN2 Reservoir with an internal LN2 filter prevents foreign particles from entering the system.
    • A self-generated GN2 purge and a self-regulating dosing head heater eliminates dosing head freeze-ups. A pneumatic actuator operated by a solenoid valve precisely controls dosing.
    • Adjustable time to control dose duration.
    • Time delay setting to precisely control lag time between optical sensor activation and dose delivery.
    • System gauges to monitor LN2 level in reservoir and dosing head pressure.
    • Indicator lights monitor all LCI-LS300 electrical components.
    • System support stand

Utilities and Space Requirements

Utilities:Air: 2 cfm @ 20 psi, clean dry compressed air


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