1. Frame design is robust tubular stainless construction with pistons mounted horizontally with adequate spacing for quick removal, quick cleaning and no possibility for product to collect and remain in the machine.
  2. Piston output is at the front of the machine, thereby minimizing hosing. This means faster cleanups and minimal product loss.
  3. Tank is sanitary design with rounded construction that will not entrap product.  Tank outputs are directly mounted to valve heads which eliminates hosing and lost product during changeovers.
  4. Nozzles rest in tool less holders and cannot be damaged by misalignments. Machine includes standard nozzle misalignment / no fill feature to avoid problems often caused by personnel.

Conclusion: This design was originated to optimize cleanout, minimize changeover time and minimize product loss. It is a premier quality machine with robust construction designed to last a lifetime. It has many elegant operating features that are specifically designed to minimize downtime from changeovers and virtually eliminate typical operational mishaps during the course of a packaging day.

  1. Folded metal frame design was not made for a piston filler; this is their capping machine with pistons stuffed vertically in it.  This means poor access to fluidic parts for break down and cleaning.  Note product will drop down and collect into the bottom of the frame upon disassembly.
  2. Piston output is behind the machine and nozzles are in the front. This means "miles" of hosing that need to be cleaned and unnecessary product loss in the process.
  3. Tank design is dihedral bent stainless which is not sanitary design. How does product make it to the inlet side of pistons?: by more "miles" of hosing (not shown) which means tougher cleanups, changeovers, and product waste.
  4. Nozzles are channel mounted and require tools for changeover. Channel easily damaged over time due to misalignments. No nozzle misalignment/no fill feature.

Conclusion:  this design was originated merely to optimize manufacturing cost; not optimize cleanout, changeover, and minimize product waste. This is a bare bones machine meant to appeal to buyers only concerned about price. Cleanout, changeover, and unrecoverable operational mishaps will continue to steal productivity and profits over time.