Tamper Evident Neck Banders


Bander applies shrinkable sleeve material to necks or full body of containers at banding speeds up to 100 cpm. Recirculating heat tunnel shrinks bands onto container necks.

About Shrink Banders :
Shrink sleeve applicators and heat tunnels are used both for applying a tamper evident band around the top of a container or a full or partial shrink sleeve with graphics used as a label. Tamper bands around the top of the container and cap are used not only for tamper evidency but also to conceal variations in fill heights of products that normally occur in glass bottles. A shrink band system consists of both the applicator and a heat source. A heat tunnel is often necessary to achieve consistent appearance of the shrink.

    • floor stand mounted and can be height adjusted from 36″ to 52″
    • Sleeve material layflat range: 15 to 110 mm with sleeve material thickness of 40 to 200 microns
    • Cap size range to 69mm
    • Options:
      • Print registration
      • Vertical or horizontal or T-Style perforation
      • Low film warning
      • NEMA 4 electrical enclosure
      • Heat shrink tunnels
      • No band detect/reject
Utilities and Space Requirements: (Bander)

Utilities:Electric:110 VAC /1/ 4 Amps Air 3 cfm @ 80 psi
Dimensions:40″ L x 47″ W x 74″ H


EZ 36BR Heat Tunnel


    • Heated tunnel distance: 36″
    • Heating zone: 230v operating at 32 amperes
    • Curtained tunnel opening dimensions: 7.5″ W x 6.75″ H.
    • Single temperature controller.
    • Unit is mounted on a floor stand with hand crank for adjustable height from 36″ to 52″.
    • Options:
      • Electric height adjustment
      • Automatic lifts
      • Three phase configuration
      • Temperature alarm
Utilities and Space Requirements: (Heat Tunnel)

Utilities:Electric:230 VAC /1/ 32 Amps
Dimensions:36″ L x 36″ W x 76″ H


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