About Turntables

Inline Filling Systems builds standard turntables and also custom turnables in many sizes and contact materials. Typical turntables sizes are 24″, 36″, 45″ and 60″ diameter. Turntable surface tops are offered in all grades of stainless steel, UHMW and other plastics, and molded plexiglass for parabolic shapes. Special corrosion proof turntables are offered in fiberglass and UHMW plastic construction.


Stainless Turntable Features:

      • All Stainless Steel Tubular construction
      • Standard speed setting is 0 to 7 rpm or 82.5 feet/min
      • Variable speed, sealed, fused/surge protected DC motor w/ 550 inch/lbs torque
      • Turntable glides on rubber, self lubricating bearings for quiet operation
      • Turntable height is 35″ adjustable to 40″
      • Base cabinet is offered either open frame or fully enclosed stainless steel with gasketed, hinged access door and compression latches
      • Unique floating bearing removes downward thrust on drive armature to ensure long life

Plastic & Fiberglass Turntables

      • All plastic and fiberglass construction for corrosive environments.
      • Standard speed setting is 0 to 7 rpm or 82.5 feet/min.
      • Variable speed, sealed, fused/surge protected DC motor w/ 550 inch/lbs torque.
      • Turntable glides on rubber wheels with bearings for quiet operation.
      • Turntable height is 35 inches adjustable to 40 inches.
      • Foot pads are fully articulating and vibration resistant.
      • Base is fully enclosed plastic.

Exp Class – Hazardous Location Turntables



Exp Class – Hazardous Location Turntables

      • National Electrical Code Class 1 Division 1 Group D modifications:
      • Hazardous location compliant motor,
      • Hazardous location compliant switches for start/stop/speed control,
      • Intrinsically safe, UL listed electrical panel with rigid piping to motor,
      • Rails include static charge eliminators.

Other Turntable Options



Turntables with Integral Pack off

Stainless Pack on and Pack off tables are offered built into the turntable frames. (45″ diam. unscrambler with pack on shown.)




Large Diameter Turntables

60″ Diameter turntables are offered in open frame or closed with optional NEMA4 controls. (60″ diam. unscrambler used in bottled water line shown.)




Small Diameter Turntables

Very small turntables complete with pack on/pack off tables can be custom made for any application (21″ diam. accumulator with pack off shown.)




Plastic Disc Tops

Poly and UHMW turntable tops are offered to overcome problems in corrosive environments or where stainless tops would cause scuffing to the product.





Rectangular, oval, or otherwise difficult to handle bottle shapes are managed by custom bottle orienting systems. (Ovals being unscrambled and fed into conveyor shown.)




Powered Turns

Technically, these 18″ diameter turntables do not accumulate or or unscramble. Rather, they are used to power the transfer of containers across conveyors that abut each other at 90 degrees.



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