Standard Features:

  • Extreme filling accuracies of fractional % of volume depending on scale range chosen.
  • Filler is 304 stainless steel tubular frame with NEMA 4X enclosures for full washdown capability.
  • Constructed of stainless steel and stainless shrouded aluminum components where required for complete washdown capability.
  • Pneumatic operated nozzles (nozzles for sanitary applications quoted separately).
  • Diving nozzles for in-the-neck or submerged fills depending on user application.
  • Automatic drip tray.
  • Automatic supply regulation.
  • Automatic bottle indexing gates.
  • Precision manual bottle height adjustment.
  • No tools required nozzle and gating mounts.
  • Automatic drain and clean cycle.
  • Batch bottle counter.
  • Control panel uses a 40 character two line digital display with multiple product profile menu.
  • Separate visual display for realtime weight information during operation.
  • Intelligent Container Control features:
    • No Product/No Fill (suspend operation)
    • No Bottle/No Fill (suspend operation)
    • Nozzle Misalignment/No Fill (suspend operation)
    • Downstream Back-up/No Fill (suspend operation)


Exclusive Features:



Bottom Up Fill Capability

This filler comes standard with a diving nozzle rack that can lower the nozzle to the bottom of the container when the fill cycle starts. By filling with the nozzle at or underneath the liquid, foam generation on difficult products is virtually eliminated.



Dual Filling Capability

Depending on the fluid delivery system purchased with the filler, the controls system has the ability to deliver fills based on weight or based on volume. Additionally, volumetric fills can be calibrated by weight using this system.


Valve Selections

Valves are offered for food grade, chemical, and bottom-up-fill applications. Your applications engineer will recommend the best pump for your range of product.


Ball Valve
Available in a variety of chemical resistant materials.


Diaphragm Valve
Used for very precise fill volumes for chemical applications


Internal Shutoff Valve
Used for sanitary and bottom-up-fill applications



Nozzle Tip Selections

Nozzle tips are available in a wide selection of design, sizes and construction materials based on the specific application. Those shown below are only a small sample of our designs. Your applications engineer will recommend the best nozzle for your range of products.

FOF pump-centrifugal

Internal Shutoff

FOF pump-diaphragm

External Shutoff

FOF pump-lobe

Swaged Internal

FOF pump-impellor




Tank Options

Inline Filling Systems has designed and manufactured many standard and specialty tanks ideally suited to your specific application.


Sanitary Stainless
For a wide range of FDA and USDA regulated products.


Chem Duty Polypropelene
For a wide range of industrial chemical applications.


Hot WaterJacketed
Closed-Loop, self-contained systems for hot fill applications



Time Gravity Specialty Applications:

Time gravity filling technology is ideally suited to some applications suggested below. Inline Filling Systems has over a decade of applications and engineering experience in all of these areas.

Corrosive Products Filler
Middle Photo: Rubber coated, corrosion resistant frame.
Right photo: Kynar valves for bleach filling machine.



Hazardous Location
Middle Photo: 5 gallon filler for filling 70% ethanol based flavorings.

Right photo: intrinsically safe Class 1 D 1 controls.





Utilities and Space Requirements

Utilities:Air: 7cfm @ 80psi Electrics: 110V 1p 50/60 Hz
(Other electrics available on request at additional cost.)



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