Why Do You Need Tamper Evident Packaging?

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All companies that sell products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are required to meet tamper evident packaging guidelines. The FDA has set out a list of compliance requirements to protect both your company and the consumer. Products that should be sealed with tamper evident packaging include over-the-counter medications, packaged foods, medical devices, biologics (such as blood or plasma), cosmetics, and veterinary medicine.

Tamper evident packaging not only alerts your customers to possible product tampering by a third party, it also prevents possible leaks during shipping. Don’t worry – protecting your company and your customers does not need to be labor-intensive or time-consuming.

Tamper Evident Packaging Systems

Whether you are a manufacturer who packages your own product or you are a company dedicated to packaging services, the quickest and easiest way to meet the needs of these FDA regulations is to invest in an automated tamper evident packaging system. These machines come in a variety of designs for various packaging purposes. The FDA allows for multiple methods to ensure product safety and leak prevention, such as:

  • Film wrappers
  • Blister packs
  • Heat shrink bands
  • Foil or laminate seals

The type of tamper evident packaging system you need will depend upon what your product is and how you package it. Foil and laminate seals work well with plastic bottles. They are placed on top of the bottle opening and underneath the outer cap. Heat shrink bands can be used for glass bottles, and often work well on a bottle with a narrow neck. These shrink sleeves fit over the outer cap after it has been placed.

Not only do seals and wrappers provide protection, they can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Seals and wrappers can be printed to advertise your product or enhance the appearance of your product’s packaging. Automated tamper evident packaging systems make packaging easy.

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