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The Different Types of Filling Machines

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If you are beginning a business that requires filling bottles or pouches with food, beverages, or other substances, you have probably already started looking for the best filling machines available. There are many different kinds of filling machines for sale these days, and the best options for you depend on your company’s needs.

Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid filling machines are called flow filling machines and they can handle all manner of liquids, including oil and beverages. They can also work well for thin food products.

Dry Mixes Filling Machine

If your business relies on dry mixes like flour, sugar, or the like, then you need an agitator or auger filling machine. These machines have a type of cone that allows the dry mix to enter the container without waste or spillage. It can be a huge asset to any business that works with dry goods.

Filling Machines for Pills or Candy

When you have a business that works with candy or pills of any sort, you need a different type of filling machine – a tablet filler. Tablet filling machines make it possible to fill the bottles or containers by piece rather than by weight. If your business requires a certain number of pills or candy pieces per container, a tablet filling machine is essential.

Gel Products Filling Machines

For people who need to fill containers with gel-like materials, the best option is a positive displacement pump filling machine. This type of machine is designed for heavier substances like gels which can wreak havoc on the flow filling machines.

Choosing a filling machine can be a very simple task. By narrowing down your choices depending on what you want to package, you will easily be able to find a filling machine that fits your price range and that suits all your needs.

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