Steps for Choosing a Capping Machine

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One of the most useful pieces of machinery you can buy for your business if you work in the packaging industry is a capping machine. Capping machines are extremely useful, since they can reduce the work involved with running this kind of company. There are a few things you should consider when buying a great capping machine.


What is the size of the bottles and caps you want to work with? This can make a huge difference in the kind of capping machine you need, so it is something you have to keep in mind. The smaller the caps, the more limited the use of the capping machine, so it can sometimes be better to purchase a machine that can accommodate more sizes.

Closure Design

Different kinds of caps use different kinds of closures. If, for example, you want the kind of closure that goes on a detergent bottle, there is one very specific way of doing it that requires a very specific capping machine. It is very important to consider the cap’s closure design before making a purchasing decision.

Manual or Automatic?

This is probably the most important decision when it comes to buying a capping machine. Choosing whether you want a manual, an automatic, or even a semi-automatic capping machine can make a huge difference not only in the kind of service the machine offers but in how much it costs as well. Automatic capping machines are the fastest of the options, but can also cost a bit more, so deciding if you want to spend more of your budget can mean having better production times.

If you want to buy the best possible capping machine, you have to match the machine with the desired output. By determining the cap sizes and design that you want, you will be able to buy the capping machine that you need.

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