The Most Common Types of Filling Machines

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Filling machines, sometimes referred to as “fillers”, are used in the packaging industry, mostly for food and beverage products but also for other items as well. These filling machines are used either to fill a pouch or a bottle, based on the type of product.

There are many kinds of filling machines used in the industry. These are the the most frequently seen:

  • Flow: These are meant for some liquid-like food products, as well as oils and liquids. These fillers are meant to fill a tub or bottle that goes into the machine, then sends out the open container back onto another conveyor belt for sealing.
  • Auger/agitator: These are meant to fill dry mixes, like sugar and flour.
  • Tablet: These are meant for items that get counted out piece by piece, as opposed to weight. These are meant for tiny bottles.
  • Positive displacement pump: Positive displacement filling machines can easily deal with a huge selection of container types, product types, and fill volumes. These types of machines are mostly mean for lotions, gels, and filling creams. They can even take on heavy paste and water-thin products. You might see honey, hair conditioners, heavy sauces, pastes, and wax in the types of containers that positive displacement pump fillers fill.

There are so many types of filling machines because there are so many types of products. The different types of filling machines range in price and size, and there are different models, prices, and shapes and sizes available from each manufacturer. Ultimately, it is up to you and the scope of your project. Have a thorough discussion with your product engineering team and product packaging team and then get on the phone with a major filling machine manufacturer customer service sales agent. You should be able to come to a decision with the sales representative about the perfect type of filling machine for your needs.

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