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The Hallmarks of Great Capping Machines

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If you’re in the market for capping machines, you really have to pay careful attention as to how you go about the selection process. Too many purchasing managers or manufacturers or executives make their decisions based on brand. Some even make their decision based on financing options. But I’m not saying that these decision criteria are completely wrong all the time. In many cases, these might not be the best criteria to use when making a decision. In many cases, you have the look at the hallmarks of great capping machines for you to gain a measure of assurance that you’re making the right decision. You have to remember that these machines are not cheap. Capping machines can set you back every penny. You have to be very careful clear as to how about you go in making decisions so you can increase the likelihood of you not picking the right unit. Keep the following factors in mind. They can definitely go a long way in helping you make a truly informed decision.

Ease of Service

One of the things that many purchasing managers or factory owners tend to overlook when it comes to buying machines for their floor is ease of service. It’s one thing to buy a machine because it’s cheap, and buy a machine because it’s highly productive and efficient. It’s another to buy a machine that can easily be serviced. You have to remember that machines break down, especially high volume machines like capping machines. It really does you no good for you to buy a unit that can cost you an arm and a leg to service because it’s not very easy to fix. Keep this in mind even if you’re not talking about fixing a broken down machine or and the focus is just on maintenance, you always have to focus on ease of service because the easier it is to service the machine, the lower your cost down the road.


There are many capping machines out there that really hit the ball right up out of the park when it comes to a specific job. However, you have to also look at the way the machine is designed because you might want to scale up your operations and the particular design of the machine you went with might not work well with your expansion plans. So think about how scalable the design is. Is it modular? Is it easy to fit with another machine so you can increase productivity? Keep these questions in mind because they can impact you operations’ bottom line down the road.


It’s a fact of life that machines break down, especially high volume machines. With that said, some machines are more realisable than others. You’re actually saving quite a bit of money and making profit when you pick capping machines that are known for their reliability. Even if you have to shell out a few extra dollars at the beginning, you’ll more than make up for those extra bucks when you pick a machine that is reliable. Every time a machine breaks down, that’s money out of your pocket. Every time a machine stalls, productivity stalls and this can definitely negatively impact your bottom line.

Ease of Use

Ease of use has a direct impact to the overall activity of your factor floor. The easier it is for your factory workers to work with a particular set of capping machines, the better your overall productivity would be. Productivity impacts your profitability. It really is that simple so by paying attention to the factors raised above you can quickly reduce you list of potential capping machines and pick the best option.

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