The Benefits of Using Capping Machines

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Another machine that came into existence simultaneously was the capping machine. It is obvious that you need a cap on every bottle your filler machine fills; hence the need for capping machine was imminent.  Together with the filler machine, the capping machines were among the first industrial applications used on a large scale.

Capping machines were an ordinary design as their purpose was solely to place and seal caps on different types of bottles. However, due to the ever increasing complexity in operations these machines conduct, it was only a matter of time when the two machines were promoted to the industry as a combo.

Capping Machine 101

Just as your business needs a specific filler machine, similarly it needs a specially designed capping machine that suits the design dimensions of the bottles being manufactured. A capping machine is a precision tool, meaning that it requires precision of millimeters to conduct their operation efficiently.

Unlike the filler machine, which carries a cue of bottle in a predefined pattern, capping machines put caps with high precision.

Types of Capping Machines

There are many types of capping machines designed to suit different industrial needs. Some of the more common types are:

Any of the above can be selected depending upon the filler machine your business uses. Also, since capping machine works with high precision, it may be possible that your capping machine may cost you more than the filler machines.

Benefits of using Capping Machines

Consider capping machines as a speedy tool for your packaging process. More modern capping machines are energy efficient, which means you need not worry about high power consumption. Modern capping machines come with more tools to work with and a longer life.

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