How Much Output Do You Need from Your Overflow Filling Machines?

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Overflow filling machines share several qualities that make them useful for thin liquids without particulates. Companies often use them to bottle products such as water, light shampoos, syrups, and sauces.

Overflow filling machines can also have specific design features that affect output. The specific model that you choose should depend on how large your containers are. This guide will help you decide which machine matches your business’s output requirements.

Fewer Than 1,000 Large Containers Per Day

If your business needs to fill fewer than 1,000 large containers per day, then you should consider model FOF MANUAL. Large containers include anything over a gallon.

Since this is a manual design, someone has to operate it continuously. That lowers the overall output, but it keeps the model small and affordable.

Fewer Than 3,000 Medium Containers Per Day

The FOFBT4 Benchtop Semiauto Overflow Filler is a great low-cost option for companies that need to fill fewer than 3,000 containers per day. The machine is designed for filling containers about the size of a gallon.

If you want to fill relatively small containers with a thin liquid, this is a great design that doesn’t take up much room or cost much money. It doesn’t meet the needs of large companies, but it’s useful for smaller businesses.

About 10,000 Containers Per Day

When your company starts bottling 10,000 containers per day, it’s time to consider an automated filling machine. The FOFSEMI NI EG is an excellent option for growing businesses. This filling machine comes as semiauto or fully automatic. When upgraded to full automatic, operators only need to load bottles. The machine’s electronic bottle management system takes care of the rest.

Finding the right filling machine for your business may take some time and research. A professional can help you find a design that matches your business’s current needs.

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