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It’s Not Just What’s Inside that Counts but also packaging designs

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The packaging designs adopted by a company for a particular product will have a significant influence in the sales of that product. The choice by a producer in terms of shape and size with an aim to increase the consumers’ convenience, will determine the demand for that product by the consumers. Coca-Cola is a very good example of a company that used the design of its bottles to successfully outsell its competitors.

Packaging designs play a very big role in the choices consumers make when choosing between products which are close substitutes. People will want to buy a product which has a sleek and cool package for this known to influence their preferences for the product.

Even small modifications in the positioning of a product or its packaging can largely influence the desire to purchase that product by the consumers. In a study by Beilock, a scientist, volunteers were asked to choose by moving one object when presented with a choice of two spoons or spatulas placed on a table, depending on the object they liked just by its appearance. The study subjects were to choose between spoons or spatula with handles facing in opposite directions. In over 60% of the times, the subjects preferred to grab the object whose handle was facing them for it was easier to pick. In the real world case, considering a product design, an easier to grab package will definitely be picked off the shelf.

Coca-Cola modified its two-liter bottle in 2008 in terms of its curves with the sole aim of making it more convenient to grip and pour for the consumers. It is reported that as a result, Coke’s sales for the two liter sodas went sky high, compared to those of its main competitor Pepsi. Therefore, the attractiveness and ease of use of a bottle can make you buy a soda, even when you had other choices. Prior tests can help determine what consumers prefer when it comes to designing the shape and size of a product.

Considering another case where the Coca-Cola Company settled for the “hoop skirt” design of its bottles, the manufacturer of the bottle noted that the bottle was easier to grasp and immediately distinguish, even in the darkness of water and ice.

For any company that wants to increase sales in the face of high quality competition, it’s advisable to refocus efforts into the design. If you want your product to be picked off the shelves more by consumers, then design your product so that it is more convenient to hold.

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