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Patriotic Purchasing Decisions: Made in the USA

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Patriotic Purchasing: there are several factors that have a major influence in the consumer behavior manifested by the American public. These include the price and quality of a product. In addition, the country of manufacture has emerged as a great determinant in influencing the consumer behavior of Americans. This factor has divided the consumers into two major groups. On one hand, there are consumers who do not mind purchasing products and services from any country. On the other, there are Americans who hold dear buying American goods irrespective of other factors.

Patriotic Purchasing Decisions

There are several factors behind the motivation to buy American goods. To start with, there is a positive correlation between buying American products and a growing American economy. For instance, through supporting local companies, they can achieve tremendous growth to an extent of becoming multinationals (MNCs). If an MNC is based in USA, Atlanta based Coca Cola Company for instance, profits are repatriated back to the USA further strengthening the American economy. 

Second, working conditions and business environment in some of the foreign countries is definitely wanting. It is not uncommon to find countries that do not have a minimum wage. In addition to that, some countries do not lay a strong emphasis on the safety of its employees. It is therefore not surprising that such countries record high cases of disasters such as factory fires. The United States has some cardinal principles which it cannot compromise. American Exceptionalism is a doctrine which holds that United States is unique and different from other countries. One of its founding principles is that the country is based on the concept of liberty. It has a wide democratic space. Some of the foreign countries have poor working conditions, are not democratic, and have a poor environmental record. Buying their products shows that the country approves of their ideology, policy, principles, as well as their business policy and behavior.

Third, buying American goods means that you are creating and maintaining jobs for American workers. For example, the 2007-2008 recession was an eye opener to the American government and the private sector to lay aggressive measures that will cushion the country against a future economy by supporting its businesses. By extension, the future generation has a lot to gain from that. This is because it will find a solid economy that will readily and comfortably absorb the young generation into employment as soon as they finish their education

Lastly, there is American pride in buying American goods due to the diversity of the business owners. Since America believes in social mobility, it holds that anyone with the right attitude and input can rise despite the limitations. Quite a number of American consumers have expressed their support on businesses owned by women or the minorities.

The “Buy American” movement has evolved drastically over time. It has been observed that purchasing decisions in United States are not only based on the parameters of price and quality, but also on the basis of ethics and patriotism. There is all the likelihood that the “Buy American” movement will attract tremendous popularity. Overall, buying American products is a strategic decision that supports America’s economy, principles, values, and ideology.

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