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Guide to Volumetric Cup Filling Machines

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Volumetric cup filling machines provide a viable option for dispensing different types of dry free-flowing products, such as seeds, rice, popcorn, candy, beans, pet food, and many others with zero degradation. The machines are renowned for their versatility and customizability. Users have the capacity to switch cups of different sizes in a matter of minutes in order to process various products.

It is possible to adjust a compatible collection of telescoping cups in either semi- or automatic fashion using a crank or motor. The machines can operate at low or high speeds; some variants fill at a rate of 30-120 packages per minute. Manufacturers are spoiled for choice with a wide variety of options from which to choose as determined by their specific needs. Options include timing screw, conveyor, or Vertical Form Fill, and Seal (VFFS) mount variants.

Features of Cup Filling Machines

The equipment is designed to keep maintenance requirements, wear, downtime, and needs for parts at a bare minimum. This is due to advanced features and innovative designs. Most machines come with color touch screens for user input controls, such as multi-drop, charge time, and speed. With their stainless steel frames, the fillers can be integrated into a horizontal pouching system, cartoning machine, or conveyor.

Volumetric cup filling machines fitted with heavy-duty alternating current (AC) gear motor drives handle heavier and larger fills using upper and lower cup plates. They operate at variable speeds as determined by the user. The variants can integrate a vibratory feeder as a means to lower head pressure and feed more accurately into cups.

At their simplest, volumetric cup filling machines are single head bench mounted devices operated manually. On the other hand, the most sophisticated variants feature a number of filling heads or cups. Manufacturers can choose the ideal machines based on their specific needs. It is also possible to find custom made fillers that suit unique requirements.

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