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Keeping Things Simple with Your Bottle Design Could Help Grow Your Business

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We all know the importance of standing out from the crowd. Your product will be on a shelf with several others, all competing to be noticed first; and if you’ve got a winning bottle design, your product will naturally attract attention.

However, it’s a common mistake to believe that attention-grabbing necessarily means complicated. In fact, some of the finest bottle designs out there are devastatingly simple. Here’s some advantages to keeping your bottles basic, rather than going crazy with your designs.


Why Simple is Better with Bottled Products

1) Reduce your packaging costs. A simple shape is likely to cost you a lot less. It will also mean that your cap will be simple too, which again, will help to drive down the price you’ll be paying.

2) Ease of use. Not only will your bottles be easier to fill when running through your filling machine, they’ll be easier for the consumer to use too. Nobody wants a bottle slipping out of their hands because it’s got an awkward shape!

3) Easy to apply the label. A simple shaped bottle means that labeling is that much more straightforward.

4) Maintain the bottle’s integrity. Complicated bottle designs may have weak points which will make them more vulnerable to breakage. This could result in more wastage in transit, not to mention more irritated customers.

5) Speedier production line. A simple bottle and a simple cap mean that your products will move through your filling machine and capping machine far more quickly, thus boosting your productivity.

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