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Things to Consider When Creating Packaging for Your Cosmetic Products

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If you’re planning to set up a sizeable cosmetics company, you’ll probably already be familiar with the extreme competitiveness of the market. It’s an industry in which, if you want to succeed, you’ll need to stand out.

However, it’s not impossible to make the right impression with your target audience, particularly if you make some clever decisions about your packaging. Here’s a few tips.

Packaging for Your Cosmetic Products

1) Get the right bottle. Before you start to work on the aesthetic aspect, think practically. How viscous is your product? How easily does it pour? This will have an effect on what type of bottle you choose, not to mention what bottling machine you invest in. It’s vital to make sure it works well for your customers, as if they struggle to get the product out of the bottle, this will only serve to frustrate them.

2) What shape works best? Remember, while it’s important to stand out with something eye-catching, you mustn’t ever sacrifice usability for style. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Tall, thin bottles suggest elegance; and quite literally stand ‘head and shoulders’ above the competition. Round bottles hint at opulence. Simple, cylindrical bottles indicate that the product does the job well and is an unfussy, practical product. Think about what impression you want to make.

3) Pick a suitable cap. In addition to bottling, you’ll need to think about capping. What caps are easy to add to the bottle during the capping process? Will they function practically? Are they easy to remove? Do they add anything to the visual appeal of the bottle?

Investing in Filling Machines, Capping Machines and More

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