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How Should You Choose a Filling Machine?

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Whether you are in the automotive, cosmetic, food, paint, or pharmaceutical industry, your business wants to maximize profit, minimize waste, and grow supply and demand as much as possible. One of the best ways to make sure that happens is with a turnkey filling system that can dispense liquids into any type of container without spills, misfills, and other time consuming problems.

But how do you know which filling machine is right for your business? There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before jumping in and making such an important investment.

Identify the Products Being Filled

For a cosmetic company you may be distributing mascara that needs a very specific type of container, while a beverage business may only need two liter bottles of soda all day long. The type of liquid and type of product container will make a big difference in finding a machine that matches your needs.

Choose Between Manual, Semi-Automatic, or Automatic

Just like a car, a filling machine allows you to choose your level of involvement with the process.  If you need a certain number of bottles filled per minute, automatic is best. But if your products are delicate and require specialized attention, manual might be better. It call comes down to the number of containers per day and per hour you need to see produced in order to meet your goals.

What Do Your Fluids Require?

Some fluids need special fill temperatures, while others must be maintained in a specific manner or sealed in a certain way. It’s possible that not every filling machine will be able to meet those needs, so it’s important to identify those requirements ahead of time.

Consider Your Plant’s Environment and Operations Abilities

Every plans is different in size, air quality, electrical availability, and safety. The machine design you choose must work with your plant’s environment so that sanitation is not ignored and all elements required to keep the machine running are readily available.

You can work with a filling company, and the experts will help guide you to the best filler for your needs.

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