Tamper-Evident Closures Make All the Difference

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Tamper-Evident Closures Make All the Difference, consumers easily take for granted the thought, time, and effort that goes into developing, manufacturing, and applying caps for water bottles and other beverages that not only work efficiently but also show signs of tampering. Convenience is the top priority of most consumers today, which places extra pressure on packaging companies to deliver products that are attractive, affordable, easy to use, and reliable in on-the-go circumstances.

One recent development in the capping realm is the Advantage cap that opens with one hand and, thanks to an integrated drop band that tethers it to the bottle, visibly indicates if the cap has been tampered with. This means that consumers can enjoy literal push-button convenience for their favorite bottled drink, a luxury that athletes definitely appreciate.

It’s important to note that this type of push cap is different from other sports bottle closures that have been developed over the years. First of all, the tamper-evidence becomes compromised as soon as the flip-top cap is removed with the first press of the button on the closure front, so the consumer will know immediately whether his bottle is new or used. Furthermore, the press button has a permanent whitening effect when opened in order to show that the product has indeed been open. This adds certainty to an already reliable system. All of this is possible with a convenient spill-proof valve and a polypropylene closure that remains stuck on the bottle for child safety purposes.

As an added bonus, this tamper-proof, child-proof, attractive, convenient cap also prevents littering and is meant to encouraging recycling rates. The United Kingdom got the first look at this Advantage cap on the children’s beverage called Ribena. As one review gushed, “The Less mess cap is perfect when you’re out and about, they are mum friendly, bag friendly and car friendly.”

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