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What Will an Ionized Air Rinser Do for You?

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Beverage distribution looks effortless from the consumer’s point of view, but anybody who works in the beverage industry knows just how much attention to detail is required to ensure that beverages are formulated, packaged, and transported to give buyers the best experience possible. One of the most critical elements in beverage packaging is filling the containers carefully enough to make sure the contents look and taste impeccable. For this process, an ionized air rinser is an important piece of equipment to have.

What Is An Ionized Air Rinser?

When containers are shipped from manufacturers to beverage packagers, the cardboard and other packing materials often leave dust and dirt residue that settles into the containers. Since it’s obviously not acceptable to leave dust and dirt in containers when they are filled with liquids, the ionized air rinser uses a combination nozzle to deliver short bursts of ionized air into the containers to remove all signs of debris. As the air loosens the dust and dirt from the containers, a vacuum simultaneously sucks all contaminants out and away.

Why Ionized Air?

It is important that air rinsers use ionized air because it serves a specific purpose. In ionized air, oxygen is given an electrical charge so that it either has a negative or positive charge based on the number of electrons per molecule. In most cleaning applications like an ionized air rinser, the oxygen takes on a negative charge, which allows the molecules to serve as natural magnets for dust and other pollutants in the air. This means that using an ionized air rinser for glass and plastic beverage bottles helps ensure that every single last piece of dirt and dust has been properly removed before liquid is poured in.

By using an ionized air rinser, beverage containers are guaranteed to be perfectly clean and provide reliable customer satisfaction.

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