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The Future of Sauce, choose the right liquid filling machine

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From pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, liquid filling machines play a vital role in delivering attractive and useful products to consumers. Perhaps nowhere are liquid filling machines more prevalent than in the food industry, where many different types of foods and sauces require filling machines that can handle a diverse range of viscosities. Industry experts expect that liquid filling machines will need to adapt to changes in the next few years as dressings, sauces, and marinades evolve to meet consumer demand.

The evolution of dressings, sauces, and marinades can be predicted based on the changing American diet. In particular, consumers now more frequently select sauces that will help them make simple and affordable meals, which means that manufacturers must ensure an optimal experience with their products. The growing popularity of products like Opa’s yogurt dressings and Campbell’s Oven Sauces indicates that the most successful sauces are flavorful, economical, and valuable to meal preparation.

Another change revolves around sanitation given the 2011 legislation, the Food Safety Modernization Act, enacted to support product contamination prevention during the filling process. The FDA also introduced new legislation, Title 21, last year to protect consumers from harmful bacteria that is known to contaminate sauces, dressings, and other liquid foods. Title 21 will require specific quality control operations, comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing procedures, and physical guards against dangerous contamination.

Overall, these changes indicate that sauces and similar liquid food products will become larger priorities in the food industry, which in turn means that liquid filling technology will need to adapt to any innovations down the road.

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