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The Best Ways to Make Your Products Tamper-Evident

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The supply chain for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products has become so extensive and complex that the FDA has outlined very specific standards that must be met before products can reach store shelves. One such requirement is for all bottling operations to contain a tamper-evident system. This type of system is critical to the durability, appearance, and reliability of any bottled product, so investing in a top of the line tamper-evident system is a wise choice for all manufacturers.

What is a Tamper Evident System?

A tamper evident system is the technology that installs specific packaging that reveals whether or not a product has been tampered with. Making products tamper-evident is a critical step in consumer safety, since it helps shoppers determine whether or not a product has been previously used or tainted. This was drawn to public attention years ago, when manufacturers were extorted by people claiming to have added poisons to baby food cans sitting on store shelves. Since no risk could be taken, millions of cans had to be destroyed. Now, since all products including baby food cans are required to be tamper-evident, it is simple for store managers and customers to identify whether an item is safe for purchase.  

Different Types of Tamper-Evident Techniques

Induction sealers are very popular systems to ensure that products are reliably tamper-evident. They function with an air-cooled induction system that heats foil or laminate liners of bottle caps. As a result, plastic bottles become sealed, and it is obvious once the seal is broken. In addition to delivering the necessary final product, this type of induction system is also more affordable and saves valuable floor space.    

Another option is to use a tamper evident banding system, which uses shrink sleeve applicators or heat tunnels to create a tamper-evident band around the top of a container or full or partial shrink sleeve with graphics used as a label. The second option, doubling the tamper-evident band with a graphics sleeve that serves marketing purposes, has become very popular because it is efficient, cost-effective, and attractive.

Whichever tamper-evident system you want to utilize, Inline FIlling Systems in Venice, Florida can make it a reality. For more than 20 years, IFS has been dedicated to manufacturing intelligent, elegantly designed and high-quality liquid packaging machinery. Call them today at (941) 486-8800 to learn more and start applying the best type of tamper-evident technology to your own products.

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