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The Most Recent Developments in Sustainable Packaging

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For many years, industries ranging from cosmetics to beverages focused all of their efforts solely on improving their brand image and customer experience. Many companies now realize that sustainable packaging must become a component of brand image and customer experience in order to ensure long-term business success.

Given the sheer volume of disposable packaging that ends up in landfills, discovering more sustainable packaging strategies has become a top priority for a number of companies who want to minimize their impact on the planet and sway new customers in the process. As 2017 continues, these trends are predicted to continue growing stronger.

Lightweight Packaging Choices

More and more companies are selecting lightweight packaging materials to enjoy the many benefits that this strategy offers. First and foremost, lightweight packaging doesn’t require as much material to produce the same packaging, which lowers manufacturing costs. The environmental impact and transportation costs also decrease since products can be transported more efficiently.

Recyclable Materials

The recycling movement has been gaining momentum for years, and utilizing recyclable materials in packaging is one of the easiest and most direct ways to minimize impact on the planet. Cardboard, paper, and recyclable plastic are all examples of recyclable materials that can be used to create attractive and effective packaging.

Slimmer Package Sizes

Finally, many companies have realized that their packages far outsize their products. As a result, packaging is finally starting to slim down to better match the actual size of the product being handled. This strategy saves space and materials, which in turn saves money and helps the environment.

If you are looking for a turnkey liquid packaging line to accommodate your increasingly sustainable line of products, turn to Inline Filling Systems in Venice, Florida. Inline Filling Systems is a USA manufacturer dedicated to creating intelligent, elegantly designed and high-quality liquid packaging machinery. Whatever type of system you need, you can call (941) 486-8800 to speak with an IFS expert and learn more.

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