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Secrets to Successful Paint Packaging

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Paint is all around us, literally. Just about every interior wall of every building has been painted for aesthetic appeal. From the neutral whites and grays to the bolder reds, yellows, and blues, paint has a powerful impact on the appearance of any room. However, without the right packaging, paint cannot stay preserved in a way that allows it to do its job. This is especially relevant right now as the paint packaging industry is evolving. Metal cans are no longer as predominant as they were in the past since many companies have moved to smaller plastic bottles and pails. So what should a manufacturer know about successfully packaging paint products?

Pump Fillers Are Becoming More Relevant

Pump fillers and piston fillers are both used to package paint, and piston fillers can be best for high production of a limited size range of paint cans and bottles. Pump fillers, on the other hand, are growing in popularity and solving many of the unique requirements of the changing paint industry. Thanks to their specialized gear pumps, pump fillers are able to solve the problem of multiple changeovers and cleanups, especially for the production of very small packages containing paint color samples. This format also proves valuable to producers of liquid pigments due to fast changeovers when so many different color products must be produced.

Find a Durable Pump Filler

Paint is naturally abrasive, which means the wrong pump filler will not be able to tolerate paint’s harsh properties. The best pump filler will be made with special seals and short fluid paths. At Inline Filling Systems, pump fillers are crafted with durable components and state of the art digital controls to boast the fastest changeover and cleanup time of any other technology.

Use Piston Fillers In the Right Application

Though there is no doubt that the pain industry continues to move toward smaller and more flexible batch sizes, piston fillers can still prove useful for traditional mental gallons, pints, and quarts of paint. It is important that piston fillers used for paint don’t have elastomers due to paint’s abrasive nature.

Inline Filling Systems in Venice, Florida is a leading USA manufacturer with 20 years of experience dedicated to manufacturing intelligent, elegantly designed, high-quality liquid packaging machinery. Call then at (941) 486-8800 to learn more about the packaging machines they offer for paint or any other industry!    

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