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Advantages and Disadvantages of Net Weight Fillers

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Net weight fillers are machines that fill containers that are sold by weight. This is most common with food and beverage items, as well as some cosmetics and hygiene products. Selling by weight might make sense for your industry, but there are some definite advantages and disadvantages to using net weight filling machines.

Flexible Filling Capacity

Net weight fillers are usually best for bulk liquid products that are sold in large quantities for high manufacturing value, such as a five-gallon pail. However, these filling machines are highly flexible. The precise computer can be programmed to fill containers of any size. If you will primarily be filling smaller sizes, this type of filler might not be right for you. These fillers, when used for small quantities, are usually not cost effective.

Semi-Automatic or Automatic Functionality

Net weight fillers are either semi-automatic or completely automatic, allowing you to run your manufacturing production with fewer employees, less effort, and more efficiency. Liquid product is placed in a holding tank above the filler, and the computer controls valves that release the liquid into the containers according to the net weight that you have specified. Most of these machines can fill a minimum of 3000 containers per day.

Other Advantages

For some products, a net weight filler is the only practical, possible, and even legal way for you to fill your containers. It is important that you meet all of the regulations related to your industry and your product. A net weight filler, when appropriate, can save you a lot of money and time when it comes to cutting through red tape to market and sell your product.

If you are interested in net weight fillers for your manufacturing business, contact us today for more information or to get started.

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