Choosing a Complete Filling Line for Your Personal Care Product

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There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a complete filling line for your personal care product. But before you get carried away with choosing a filling line based on price and other features, make sure that you are looking at the right types of filling lines for your product.

Unless your product is a free-flowing liquid, such as an astringent, an overflow filling machine won’t work for your purposes. If your product is thicker, such as a gel or cream, or if it has particles, you’ll need a different type of filling machine. Although the piston and Servo filling machines are more costly, they really are necessary for most personal care products. Read on for more information about these two types of filling lines.

Piston Filling Machines

Piston filling machines have long been the standard for most personal care products. These machines can fill containers by volume, which is the most common measurement for cosmetic and beauty care products. These machines can be adapted to meet the needs of different products and different container sizes.

The downside to piston filling machines is that the changeover and cleanup that must be done between batches can be time consuming and results in factory downtime. There really isn’t a way to make this easier. But if you have the right set up, you can use the same one to fill all of your products.

Servo Filling Machines

Servo filling machines are able to be programmed to different sizes and product viscosity. This makes changeovers much easier than with piston filling machines. If you only have two or three similar products, a piston filling machine is probably sufficient. But if you have many different offerings that you want to fill with one machine, Servo filling lines are your best bet.

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