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How It Works: Overflow Filling Machines

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Choosing the right filling machine for your product can be tricky. Each machine has its own capabilities and works in different ways. An overflow filling machine can be great for a few different types of products. Here is how it works and who should be using it.

What does overflow really mean?

The term “overflow” in relation to these filling machines is actually very accurate. The product is allowed to fill the container to the appropriate height, with foam or bubbles being allowed to go over the container capacity. Instead of allowing this foamy product to go to waste or cause issues with bottling or canning, the machine will return it to the main product vat.

Why is overflow beneficial?

Overflow fillers are very beneficial for filling foamy products because it allows you to fill containers quickly. When using other filling machines for foamy products, speed will be dramatically reduced to avoid excess foam in the container.

What products are appropriate for an overflow filling machine?

Even though an overflow filling machine can save your company money in some cases, it is not appropriate for all products. Any liquid that is more than mildly viscous could damage the machine. You also can’t fill products with particles bigger than 1/16 inch in diameter. Ideally, this type of filling machine can be used for a number of industries and products, including:

  • An overflow machine is best for many craft beers, special sodas, or other carbonated beverages that suds when poured quickly.
  • Most cleaners will suds when poured quickly as well, so overflow machines are best for most residential cleaners, although industrial cleaners might be too viscous for these machines.
  • Personal care products such as hand soaps and hair conditioners or shampoos are great candidates for overflow filling systems.

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