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Industry Highlight: Time Gravity Filling Machines for Specialty Chemicals and Cleaners

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Time gravity filling machines are a great option for a number of industries, but the most beneficial are to specialty chemicals and cleaners. There are several reasons that you should consider this type of filler if you produce these types of products. Here’s what you need to know.

High speed filling of low-viscosity liquids

If you have a low-viscosity liquid, the time gravity filling machine is a great option when it comes to speed. You’ll have some limited customization options so that you can use the equipment to fill different products of different sizes or dimensions, without losing speed or efficiency. 

Great for corrosive chemicals, solvents, and cleaners

This filling machine will allow for very precise filling of your bottles or containers, with everything fully automated for precision. That means you can fill containers with corrosive chemicals and cleaners that sometimes require special care when packaging. The time gravity filler is very easy to clean and switch out for different uses as well.

Perfect for foaming cleaners or chemicals

Some cleaners and chemicals can foam a bit as they are being filled. If you use a time gravity filling machine that offers the fill from the bottom option, you’ll be able to fill products without having to worry about the foam.

If you aren’t sure if a time gravity filling machine is right for your product, contact us for assistance in product selection and installation.

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