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Industry Highlight: Industries That Require Net Weight Fillers

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Net weight fillers is a great way to measure a lot of different products, especially if it is going to be distributed in a pail or tub, but there are some products that must be measured and filled by net weight to be in compliance with the law. The FDA has strict guidelines as to when net weight filling is necessary.

These rules and regulations are very complex, and it can take an expert to decipher them. Part of our job is knowing what products and industries have what legal requirements. We are able to always find the right filling equipment for the product you need to produce. 

Food isn’t the only product that can be measured by net weight. Net weigh filling is also good for industries such as:

  • Personal care items
  • Home goods and decor items
  • Toiletries
  • And any other liquid or semi-liquid product that requires consistency

Another major benefit of net weigh fillers is that they allow for completely uniform packaging. If your bottles or jars are clear or opaque, you want all of them to appear to be filled at the same level. A net weigh machine does this, by making every single package uniform in every way through computer automation.

Not sure if you should be using a net weigh filling machine? Contact us today for details.

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