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Hazardous Materials Packaging 101

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Hazardous materials require strict and comprehensive packaging techniques to ensure that solvents, petroleum products, alcohols, paints, and other such products do not spill, explode, or leak. This may sound simple to achieve, but only the most reliable hazardous material packaging machines and systems can guarantee safe delivery for these types of materials. 

Overall, a filling machine used for hazardous, flammable, or explosive products uses intrinsically safe components of the operating system to prevent auto-ignition. This often involves the use of pneumatic components or electrically isolated control panels. 

Hazardous Location Electrical Systems

Hazardous location electrical systems use failsafe electrical enclosures for class I, division I, Group D explosion hazard locations. This allows the operator to access user-friendly control of all conventional filler operations with minimal risk. 

Through the use of such electrical systems, panel enclosures and piping are designed specifically to contain and cool explosive gases. If an accidental auto-ignition ever occurred inside the electrical system housing or conduit, a harmful explosion would not occur. 

Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Filling Machines

At Inline Filling Systems, we offer complete liquid packaging systems that address the unique needs of hazardous materials. Our semi-automatic filling machines such as the bench-top overflowing filling machine, slide-tray overflow filling machine, and semi-auto hazardous location filler provide production up to 60,000 units a day. They are carefully designed for safety while filling free-flowing liquids and thick liquids alike.

Inline Filling Systems specializes in the manufacturing of liquid packaging systems that are engineers and built to meet the industry-specific needs of small and medium-size companies, including those who manufacture hazardous products. Call Inline Filling today to learn more and find the packaging system that meets your exact needs. 

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