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Best Filling Machines for Cosmetics

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Trying to figure out which filling machine is best suited for packaging your cosmetic products? Well, there are a few machines that can potentially get the job done! The one that’s best for you will depend on both the type of cosmetics you’re looking to package and the size of the product itself. Read on to learn more!

Time Gravity Filling Machine

For any cosmetic product with a very thin viscosity, a time gravity filling machine may be the ideal choice. It consists of a holding tank and a set of pneumatic valves that operate on timers in order to provide a consistently precise fill amount.  

Overflow Filling Machine

An overflow filling machine is a good option for packaging light gels and shampoos, as well as any foamy products. This piece of equipment is designed to avoid waste by sealing off the container and redirecting overflowing product into a holding tank for later use. 

Peristaltic Filling Machine

If you’re looking to package a fragrance, then a peristaltic filling machine is likely your best option. This machine is designed to place a high value product into small volume containers with extreme accuracy, so you won’t have to worry about any costly waste. 

Piston Filling Machine

The piston filling machine is best suited for packaging cosmetic creams, heavy shampoos, gels, and conditioners. This machine is designed to handle more viscous products and is an easy-to-use, lower cost option for filling anything from about 3,000 to around 60,000 containers per day, depending on the model. 

Servo Pump Filling Machine

This machine has extremely broad capabilities, making it ideal for packaging a number of different cosmetic products. The servo pump filler can fill nearly any product up to a volume of 55 gallons and has the ability to handle both thin viscosity and thick viscosity materials.

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