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What Is the Right Filling Machine for Chemicals?

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Looking for a filling machine to package chemicals, but don’t know which piece of equipment is best for you? Ask yourself the following questions!

What Is the Viscosity of the Chemical?

Viscosity is a key factor in determining which machine would best suit your filling needs. For a chemical with a thin viscosity that is not affected by ambient temperature — particularly when that chemical is also highly corrosive — a time gravity filling machine is perhaps the best option.

If your chemicals are very viscous, consider using a piston filling machine. These machines are simple, cost-effective, and great for packaging products that are considered to be semi-paste, paste, or chunky with large particulates. 

Is the Chemical Foamy?

Chemicals that foam up when they are mixed around can cause a lot of overflow issues in packaging. To remedy this issue, an overflow filling machine is recommended. 

An overflow filling machine forms a seal around the opening of the packaging in order to prevent spillage and wasted product. When the chemical foams up, the overflow filling machine sends the product into a holding tank for later use. 

Are You Packaging in Small Volume?

If your chemical is high-value and you’re looking to package it in small volume containers, the peristaltic filling machine is likely what you’re looking for. This machine fills small volume containers with extremely high accuracy to avoid costly spillage.

Are You Packaging in Bulk Quantities? 

Certain machines are specifically designed to package products in bulk quantities. Both a net weight and a pail filling machine, for example, can package chemicals in 5-gallon pails, while a drum filling machine can fill anywhere from a 25-gallon barrel up to a 55-gallon drum. 

For an all-around filling machine that can fill up 55-gallon drums and handle both thin and thick chemicals, consider the servo positive displacement filling machine.

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