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What Filling Machine Is Best for Automotive Chemicals?

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Vehicles require more than metal and plastic parts; they require a wide range of chemicals and liquids to run correctly. In order to produce and package those liquids, the manufacturers need specific filling machines that are tailor-made to the needs of automotive chemicals. 

From soaps and windshield wash to brake fluid and coolants, these diverse liquids come in the form of thick and thin, foamy and non-foamy, and everything in between. Only a few filling machines can accommodate such a diverse range of products. 

The Servo Pump Filling Machine for General Automotive Chemicals

Nearly any product that can be pumped can be filled on a Servo Pump Filling Machine. This includes:

  • Thin, foamy windshield wash
  • Thick “engine honey” additives
  • Semi-solid waxes

The Servo Pump Filling Machine uses a computer-controlled pump dedicated to each filling nozzle. This allows for total programmatic control of all filling parameters with unlimited fill sizes, high volumetric accuracy, and the ability to deliver a very wide range of viscosities into almost any size or shape container. 

The Overflow Filling Machine for Lubricants, Antifreeze, and Other Liquids

Inline Filling System’s Overflow Filling Machine is a versatile option for thin, free-flowing, and thicker lubricants, especially when they are heated. 

Foamy products like cleaning chemicals and liquid soaps work especially well in the Overflow Filling Machine because the foam is conveyed out of the bottle during the filling process. 

The Piston Filling Machine for Heavy Lubricants, Waxes, and Oils

Finally, the Piston Filling Machine is the ultimate choice for heavy greases required in the automotive industry. Thick products like this can’t pass through an Overflow Filling Machine, even when heated. They also can’t be used in a Servo Filling Machine because heavy grease causes the pumps to cavitate.

Fortunately, Piston Filling Machines don’t have such limitations because the size of the fluid path is so large. Even better, the supply side can be pressurized to force heavy products into the pistons. When you invest in the Piston Filling Machine, you enjoy an excellent cost to performance ratio.

For more assistance selecting the best filling machine for your automotive chemicals, call Inline Filling Systems at (941) 841-0293. We offer complete liquid packaging systems for every industry and need. 

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