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Inline Filling Systems designs and manufactures world class, application specific, liquid filling machinery for almost all major industries. We provide high value, robust systems that include a range of container flexibility, are easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain for the lowest total cost of ownership.


Inline Filling Systems started as Equipment Exporters, Inc. with Mom, Pop and 2 full time employees working from a garage and home office.



We moved into our current address at 216 Seaboard Ave in Venice, Florida with 26,000 square feet of manufacturing space.



Inline Filling Systems was accepted into the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute and recognized as bona fide manufacture of filling machinery.


Inline Filling Systems added on approximately 7,000 square feet of additional manufacturing space to allow more efficient and thorough final testing of our turnkey packaging lines. 



Throughout 20 years of operations, Inline Filling Systems has enjoyed steady and manageable growth bringing our employee base of craftsmen, engineers, administration and sales personnel up to over 50 employees.


2021 & Beyond

Inline Filling Systems was acquired by The Middleby Corporation in late 2020. The acquisition will allow Middleby to expand it’s reach to the specialty liquid filling systems and highly-engineered food and beverage packaging equipment.

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Who We Are

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown with our customers throughout the decades and never compromised on quality. No matter if you’re just getting started or ready to upgrade your production line, we have the industry expertise to get your product moving. With over 700 packaging machinery products, engineering experience spanning over 25 years, and $100MM of installations in over 50 countries, Inline Filling Systems is your worry-free choice for turnkey liquid packaging installations.

Our machinery is designed, fabricated, and supported by us in our Florida, USA facility. We install our complete liquid filling lines all over the world and provide continual support and service as your lifelong production partner.

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Our Philosophy About Machine Design

From the very start, we decided that we would build the best quality machinery with the finest materials and most reliable components we could find in the United States. We chose this design philosophy without knowing if the marketplace could afford this simple focus on quality alone. We were pleased to learn that despite our uncompromising focus on quality, our machinery remains very competitively priced. This quality-first design philosophy is an extension of the customers we wish to serve – driven, goal-oriented people who recognize the link between having the best quality tools for the job and being economically successful.

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Our Team

Our IFS family has continued to grow over the years. While we’ve been lucky to add new talent to our shop, some of our most seasoned employees have been with us for decades! Their expertise is unmatched. We have built and tested machinery for almost every liquid filling product. Not sure what your product needs? Our knowledgeable team will guide you to find the best fit for your product and offer product insights along the way. We’re here to help get you the best filling line for the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Do Your Due Diligence Before You Buy

Your liquid packaging system is a huge capital investment. Visit the factories personally and compare their organizations, facilities, resources, and product quality. Witness factory acceptance testing for other customers at the plant. Get references from customers in your industry who have had the equipment for more than 5 years. Ask these customers what their customer service experience has been. Finally, ask the supplier where the equipment is produced – this will greatly impact your equipment and part quality!

There are many internet-based companies and equipment suppliers that import cheaply made and poorly designed equipment. Much of this equipment does not have UL electrical certification and their installation may be banned by local municipal or state regulations. Our machinery electrical systems are offered as UL listed for both the USA and Canada.

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