The American Dream Begins

1993 Inline Filling Systems started as Equipment Exporters, Inc. with Mom, Pop and 2 full time employees working from a garage and home office. Equipment Exporters was primarily a broker of second hand process and packaging equipment with limited manufacturing of conveyors and turntables. As an equipment broker, Equipment Exporters was able to very candidly evaluate almost all manufacturers in the packaging machinery industry for their quality and value. It was then that we noticed that filling machinery seemed to be largely provided by manufacturers who were doing only a mediocre job. We thought we could provide the market with filling machinery that was not only affordable and reliable, but also elegant in design.


1996 We moved into our current address at 216 Seaboard Ave in Venice, Florida with 26,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The company name was changed to Inline Filling Systems, Inc. and all brokering business was halted in favor of full time manufacturing. It is interesting to note that our building was formerly used for weapons manufacturing during the Vietnam era. We find it both ironic and satisfying that the building is now used to make things that help people all over the world.


1998 Inline Filling Systems was accepted into the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute and recognized as bona fide manufacture of filling machinery. We are also members of many specific trade organizations that support our customer base. Our reputation for integrity in these organizations and in the marketplace is without peers.


1999 Inline Filling Systems began a two year contract packaging operation meeting the filling needs of personal care products manufacturers including suntan lotion producers as well as over the counter pharma products. This experience taught us a lot more about our customer’s needs than any other undertaking. Our company remains the only straight line filling machine manufacturer still operating in the USA with ANY actual filling and packaging experience using their own manufactured equipment. This experience has helped us understand our customer’s daily operating needs and expectations in machinery. Because of this experience, we know the “real world” machinery and support needs of our customers better than any of our competitors. See editorial in Food & Drug Packaging.

work in process

2002 Inline Filling Systems added on approximately 7000 square feet of additional manufacturing space to allow us more efficient and thorough final testing of turnkey packaging lines. This allowed the company to host factory acceptance tests that can closely simulate what the installation will be like when it is running at the customer’s plant. In the same year we also purchased multiple CNC machines to allow us to turn around custom work more quickly and support our existing and growing customer base with 48 hour turnaround of change parts and IFS manufactured spare parts.


2013 & Beyond During 20 years of operations, Inline Filling Systems has enjoyed steady and manageable growth bringing our employee base of craftsmen, engineers, administration and sales personnel up to a respectable and sustainable 40 employees. Many of our technical employees have been at Inline for 15 or more years. It is this continuity of technical personnel that is one of the greatest strengths of our company and what sets us apart from our competitors. But our responsibility to our customer base also includes our investment in the future. We are hiring (Click here for our Employment Page.) and developing younger talent with an eye for another two decades of excellence and commitment to our customers.