Automatic Peristaltic Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Peristaltic Filler is capable of high accuracy fills of aqueous and other low viscosity products. Servo driven pump drive accepts up to 2 pump heads depending on desired fill speed, accuracy requirements, and product fluid path diameters. Incremental revolutions of each drive measurable to 1/300th of a revolution are tracked by computer to deliver highly accurate fills calibrated by volume. Automatic system components include, automatic system module,Pneumatic bottle gating system, No bottle/no fill photoeye. Note: Gating system and photoeye are designed to mount on IFS conveyor which is separate cost.

automatic peristaltic filler

Standard Features:
Model FPERI 2 – 4 Automatic Peristaltic Filler

  • Machine is constructed of stainless steel and stainless shrouded aluminum components where required for complete
    washdown capability.
  • 0.14 ml/min to 2000 ml/min per nozzle.
  • Accuracy: up to +/- 0.5%
  • Nozzle tips are installed on a simple, adjustable holder to allow filling of a wide range of containers. The nozzle holder has a 2 inch dive capability for submerged fill action on small bottles if needed. Color touchscreen controls provide simple operator interface.

System components:

  • Automatic system module,
  • Pneumatic
  • No bottle/no.

Application specific pumps (if required) are listed separately.


Exclusive Features



Servo Drive Pump Control

Most peristaltic pump systems are manufactured with only simple motor/time control which subjects pump accuracies to errors in power fluctuations and degradation of speed control. Our systems avoid this by tracking motor rotation which is independent of motor speed and time variations.


Pump Options



Large 2 channel pump ideal for for industrial metering applications including pharma, food & beverage, chemical, and water treatment. Flow ranges from 0.1 to 3400 mL/min per channel with accuracies to 0.5% of volume.


Small Multi Channel cartridge pumps for smaller fill sizes in bio/pharma/chemical and Process Control applications. Pumps come in 2-12 channel sizes with flow ranges from 0.44 to 380 mL/min per channel.


Other Available Options

Almost all peristaltic pump applications are highly specialized and require specific engineering know-how for a successful installation. Inline Filling Systems has many years of applications expertise to meet these requirements.


Remote panel

NEMA4X(washdown) for economical Class 1 Div 2 filling applications.


Servo Nozzle Height

Programmatic control for bottle heights and nozzle dive functions.



Hazardous Location

Hazardous Location
Electrical systems for solvents & volatile liquids.


Utilities and Space Requirements

Dimensions: Base footprint: 24″ x 12IN

Utility requirements: Electric: 110 VAC / 8 Amps
Air: 3 cfm @ 80 psi