Automatic Dosing Machine USDA Approved

Special Application

automatic dosing machine

Model FPD4X4 DOSER – USDA APPROVED Automatic Dosing Machine

  • Filler is 304 stainless steel tubular frame with NEMA 4X enclosures for full washdown capability. All exposed metal parts are finished to USDA 3A specifications for installation in meat packaging operations.
  • 3 stage pump speed control (fast/slow/fast) optimizes filling speed to product characteristics.
  • Manual nozzle height adjustment to control splashing potential on thin marinades and sauces
  • Interchangeable nozzle rack design for fast changeover of different tray configurations.
  • Dry contact interface to any make horizontal form fill seal machine.
  • Real time dose adjustment based on custom downstream checkweigher feedback.

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Exclusive Features:



Clean-in-Place Capability

All FPDHP servo filler models come prewired with programming included for adding CIP capability in the future. (Additional fluid path hardware, tanks, and pump systems are additional cost)
Custom Clean In Place Video


Pump Selections

A wide variety of high quality pumps (the heart of the filling machine!) are available for your application. Your applications engineer will recommend the best pump for your range of products.

[one_fourth]FOF pump-centrifugal

SS Lobe
Sanitary/Hot Fill applications with a wide range of viscosities


[one_fourth]FOF pump-diaphragm

Sanitary SS Gear
Food & Cosmetic applications with low to medium viscosities.


Nozzle Tip Selections

Nozzle tips are available in a wide selection of design, sizes and construction materials based on the specific application. Those shown below are only a small sample of our designs. Your applications engineer will recommend the best nozzle for your range of products.

[one_fourth]FOF pump-centrifugal

Internal Shutoff

[/one_fourth][one_fourth]FOF pump-diaphragm

External Shutoff

[/one_fourth][one_fourth]FOF pump-lobe

Swaged Internal

[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]FOF pump-impellor



Tank Options

Inline Filling Systems has designed and installed many standard and specialty tanks that are ideal for your specific application whether it is chemical, food grade, hot filled, particulated, etc.

[one_fourth]FOF pump-centrifugal

Sanitary Stainless
For a wide range of FDA and USDA regulated products.


[one_fourth]FOF pump-impellor

Paddle Blending
For large particulate food applications or emulsions in suspension.


[one_fourth_last]FOF pump-impellor

Hot WaterJacket
Closed-Loop, self-contained systems for hot fill applications.