Cap Tightener Automatic Chuck

Cap Tightener Automatic Chuck Standard Features:


cap tightener automatic chuck

Automatic benchtop cap tightener is designed to mount to conveyor for use. Tightener is activated by photo eye to detect and grip the container, then apply pneumatically or electically controlled torque to the cap; operator need only place caps on the bottle upstream of the capping unit. Pneumatic version torquer can provide 13-75 inch pounds of torque (depending on cap and bottle combination). Other higher torque ranges available in electric versions. Very precise torque application possible with optional magnetic, strain guage clutches and “torque-open” chuck heads.


  • NEMA 4X control panel with PLC & Photoeye suitable for container type(s),
  • One set of bottle gripping changeparts,
  • Single size chuck and insert (additional sizes and options available),
  • Dive cylinder and controls,
  • Mounting hardware/stand for attachment to conveyor,


Utility requirements: Electric: 2 Amps @ 120 vac

Air:12 cfm @ 80 psi