Contract packagers are often faced with a dilemma of not knowing how long a project will last and therefore whether or not an investment in a filling machine will be justified. Sometimes the projects being considered are so unique that they require specialized machinery that may not be useful for other future projects. Depending on the industry being served, there is a suitable lower cost choice of conventional filling machine for every contract packager. Each one of these machines is discussed in previous sections as to what kind of products they can handle and why.

The contract packager is faced with challenges that other producers are not. For example, suppose you have a product you have agreed to produce “on demand” for your customer…. and there is more than one customer. This means you are going to be wasting a lot of time cleaning up and changing over between jobs with conventional filling machine technology. Moreover, the business you are chasing may change to a product that cannot be filled on that conventional filling machine you purchased and now you need to buy another one. This dilemma often causes contract packagers to only shop for their machinery on the used market. Anyone who has done this knows that it is rare that a used filling machine is configured properly for the application and there may be troubling reasons why the used machine is being sold in the first place

There is one filling machine that reduces a contract packager’s risk and repeats its suitability for almost any product across all industries. This filling machine is the contract packager’s dream machine: the servo pump filling machine.

The servo filling machine will fill almost any product of a vast viscosity range , foaming or non foaming, particulate or non particulate. It is also possible to fill multiple products simultaneously on the same machine. It will handle almost any fill size and also almost any container size…..and it will changeover and cleanup almost instantaneously. This flexibility and versatility comes a price. Because each fill head has its own dedicated motor, pump and nozzle combination, the capital cost is significantly higher than conventional filling machines. But for a long term investment, a contract packager will be assured that there is hardly a project they could not consider because they did not have a filling machine capable of doing the job.