Corrosion Resistant Time Gravity Filling Machine

Standard Features:

corrosion resistant time gravity filler

This 8 to 16 head fiberglass and plastic construction corrosion resistant time gravity filling machine is designed to provide the ultimate level of corrosion protection and performance for the corrosive chemical industry. This automatic filler is best suited for water and very thin liquids whose viscosity does not change with ambient temperature or with batch variation. Especially suited for applications where recirculation of the product is not possible or desired.

  • Filler frame constructed of non-metallic parts.
  • Pneumatic operated nozzles.
  • Nozzle timing protocol is PLC controlled for high accuracy fills.
  • Automatic plastic drip tray.
  • Automatic supply regulation.
  • Manual bottle height adjustment.
  • Automatic drain and clean cycle.
  • Batch bottle counter.
  • Control panel uses a color touchscreen for simple, intuitive operator controls.
  • Intelligent Automation features:
    • No bottle/no fill.
    • Downstream backup/no fill (suspend operation).

Options: Diving nozzle heads for in the neck filling.

About Our Unique Corrosion Resistant Systems:


Inline Filling Systems has a unique product line unmatched by any other manufacturer in the world. We have a complete integrated unscramble, fill, cap, accumulate system built entirely of fiberglass, and UHMW plastic components. Even the fasteners used in the construction of this machinery are fiberglass. Shaft components are titanium or fiberglass construction depending on tensile strength required. Special coatings are used on on other metalic exposed machinery components whenever practical. Special powder and industrial polymer coatings, UHMW and Teflon plastics, and other materials are used on our manufacturing process. Electronic components used in the control systems are treated for anti corrosion and the enclosures are constantly purged with clean system air even during shutdown.

It is worth noting that other manufacturers have attempted to make corrosion resistant machines in the past only to fail in a short period of time because the frame components and fasteners remained metalic. Our resolve to build a sturdy system out of corrosion proof structural components has not been duplicated by any other manufacturer. Photos below show examples of conveyors, filling and capping machines constructed with these techniques.

plastic filling machine


Fiberglass Structural Frames

All stainless structural components on this filling machine made for a muriatic acid filling plant are tubular fiberglass construction with UHMW plate construction and fiberglass bolts.



Powder Coated Subcomponents

This motor and drive system componentry has been powder coated to increase resistance to corrosion in a brine filling operation.



Plastic Conveyor Construction

Conveyor side frames in a bleach plant have been fabricated from plastic; all stainless fasterners have been replaced with either fiberglass or titanium.


Specialty Fluid Path Engineering

Kynar and Teflon fluid path materials used in the components in this filling machine were specifically chosen for their excellent resistance to the aggressive properties of bleach.
Watch Machine in Action


Semi Automatic Systems for Small Operations and Startups

Smaller Operations are no exception to the need for robust, corrosion resistant equipment that will last the life of the project. Typical Stainless construction machines filling corrosive products like strong acids and bleach will become a maintenance problem immediately with an expected lifetime of about 1 to 3 years. The all fiberglass and UHMW plastic construction shown here will last for a decade.
Watch Machine in Action


Utilities and Space Requirements

Dimensions: 72″ L x 48″ W x 85″ H

Utility requirements:Electric: 110 VAC / 5 Amps
Air: 7 cfm @ 80 psi