There are many distinct types of chemical applications such as industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, cleaning chemicals, and automotive chemicals. Agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, cleaning chemicals and general industrial chemicals comprise what we refer to as the Non-Flammable Chemical Industry (NFCI). These products all share several economic and product handling characteristics. They are usually low-margin products, often sold in bulk sizes, foam during fill, and some are also inherently hazardous to the personnel that are packaging them. These considerations dictate the type of filling machine is the most practical to use for a chemical product or a range of chemical products.For chemicals that are highly foamy but not inherently dangerous to personnel, such as cleaning and sanitation chemicals, an Overflow Filling Machine may be the best choice. In the case of chemicals where the major consideration is safety to personnel, such as strong acids or toxicity, a time gravity filler may be the best choice. For bulk filling large containers, a net weigh filling machine may be the best choice. As mentioned above, products in this industry can be both foamy and hazardous and a value judgment must be made. Sometimes it is necessary to compromise performance in the interest of safety. These decisions can be tricky and are best made with the help our applications engineers with years of expert experience.

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